Sunday, December 01, 2013

I'm Back and unapologetic

I'm back. I don't know what direction I will go in but I am sure I will include something about consumer behavior at Costco, Black Friday, and how much I hate dogs. Oh, I got rejected from the George Mason PhD Economics program. Really? Oh well. In reality, I think they kind of suck and I just applied so I could get in state tuition. Let's be honest. I think I can do better.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy DC Rant and stuff

Is Occupy DC done protesting? Can they move over to the next public square?

I have a couple things I could protest.

Occupy DC ruined the grass in McPherson Square. Seriously. The National Park Service actually spent money on the park and now we got this useless grass-hating hipsters sitting on it. The National Park Service basically ignored this park for years and it was a disaster. They finally clean it up and now it is covered in tents. Uuugh. I respect their right to protest at the expense of ruining a public park.

I also despise traffic in downtown DC. It just doesn't move. The traffic flows better when they have traffic cops stationed at major intersections but they don't do it every day. Apparently, DC has enough money to buy a couple tricked out SUVs for their concil people but can't use it toward traffic control. Seriously, DC is such a third world country sometimes.

I can't deal with Metrorail anymore. It just really sucks. I hate DC today.

I think I am going through an economic malaise.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DC Earthquake, an Economist's Perspective

Dateline Washington DC,8/23/11, 2:30 ish

As I contemplated the computer screen and my afternoon coffee I felt a shockwave went through the building. I felt like I just surfed a wave except I was in a very dreary office building. I thought OMG I am going to die at work because I was too lazy to go the Au Bon Pain for my coffee.

So we all exited the building and along with the rest of humanity go to McPherson Square, where all the ducks and pigeons are. The mass of humanity trampled the newly sodded grass giving new meaning due the concept of Tragedy of the Commons. The mass of humanity including me tried to call loved ones but we overwhelmed the phone system.

Our emergency contact people were nowhere to be found. We still think that some of them are sheltering in place in the building. This is an example of asymmetric information. We had some managers there and they were a little freaked out as well.

I finally just said, oh damn it all to hell, I am going home and spent the next two hours of my life stuck in traffic. I did get home. This is an example how I maximize utility, I value life units over vacay units. I think that most of DC are irrational and was afraid of people losing their shit. I figure I should get out first when I got the chance. That isn't an economic theory, just something I learned from Aliens. Thanks James Cameron!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to succeed in the Senior Executive Service

I am very cranky due to the extreme heat in DC at the moment. I damn near expired on the sidewalk near the metro station. Morale at work is just terrible at the moment. One of the bosses said that we have to make do with less. It is really amazing what I can do with EXCEL and some duct tape.

We have have a new SES member. Here is a recipe for success for a Senior Executive Service:

Reorg your dept (This indicates 'Change')
Alienate all your staff (This indicates 'Management')
Add more products they are responsible for('Efficiency')
Don't hire anyone to replace the mass exodus
Stir for 12 months then accept promotion to higher SES
Congratulations you are on your way to Deputy baby!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

LBJ award for Government Mismanagement Goes to

I got great news at work! Cue sarcasm.

They are trimming our training budget again. This is stressing out many of my coworkers. Over the last couple of years thanks in part to the Iraq War, Aghanistan War, Cash for Clunkers, and other delightful programs, our budget is quite strained. Certain organizations get the short end of the stick during multiple wars.

I haven't had any significant training in about 4 years. So if you subtract nothing from nothing, you get nothing. I kind of giggled when I thought about it. And I don't have a COLA.

I am looking at selling my Breyer Horse collection for extra bucks. I might be able to pay for my own class if I see the entire herd.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Who's going to check me boo?

I am so pissed off I can hardly type right now. My coworker asked for my help again and then said "Oh you burned out after that."

What a Bitch! I told that Bitch off.

I really wanted to make her cry but I held off. If I was really honest, I would have told her that her math skills suck. Yes, an economic sucker punch.

I am kind of sad because this is one of my little econ grasshoppers who I helped navigate the darwinan world at work. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that the grasshopper bit me in the ass. Grasshopper has evolved to locust. Locust destroys surrounding mammals and creates scorched earth.

Well karmas a bitch and I am ready for vengeance. Ooh this makes me feel so tingly.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recap 2010 and wish list

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. Consumers continued to buy stupid stuff and support the Chinese economy, Apple, and Farmville. Angry German Central Bankers continued to be very angry at Italy, Greece, and pretty much anyone who got in their way.

We found out that many Mediterranean countries were hotbeds of statistical corruption and made the Chinese government look like proverbial saints. My advice, check your numbers.

On to Ireland, thanks guys! You are the new Iceland!

On a happier note, the Larry Summers Reign of Terror is coming to an end.

Thanks Santa, you really do read your letters!