Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy DC Rant and stuff

Is Occupy DC done protesting? Can they move over to the next public square?

I have a couple things I could protest.

Occupy DC ruined the grass in McPherson Square. Seriously. The National Park Service actually spent money on the park and now we got this useless grass-hating hipsters sitting on it. The National Park Service basically ignored this park for years and it was a disaster. They finally clean it up and now it is covered in tents. Uuugh. I respect their right to protest at the expense of ruining a public park.

I also despise traffic in downtown DC. It just doesn't move. The traffic flows better when they have traffic cops stationed at major intersections but they don't do it every day. Apparently, DC has enough money to buy a couple tricked out SUVs for their concil people but can't use it toward traffic control. Seriously, DC is such a third world country sometimes.

I can't deal with Metrorail anymore. It just really sucks. I hate DC today.

I think I am going through an economic malaise.

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